“That’ll do” won’t do

Hi, I’m Mat.

What’s the vision for MBCG? I don’t really know – it started out as a limited company for to do consultancy work (hence the terrible name made up of four random letters) but has turned in to something else; an Out Of Home media owner, a digital signage consultancy, a design house, and web design and SEO service provider. I guess it’s the culmination of working for big media firms for over 25 years, and learning stuff along the way thanks to my insistence on getting my hands dirty (some might call it ‘interfering with’ maybe?) in every project I’ve been involved with.

I’m lucky enough to have come up with a couple of new ideas (e.g. www.bookshopscreens.com), and a new way of doing digital signage which means this side of things operates at a fraction of the cost of the ‘big boys’, so what I try to do with that is use it to remove a cost objection from advertisers and agencies – if it only has to pay for me then I can be cheaper than a larger media firm with bigger bills to pay and shareholders to reward. With the work I have done with independent venues over the last five years or so, I’ve naturally had to learn how to do a lot of design work and have got quite good at it, hence me being able to offer it. Being a one man band I also have had to get quite quick at what I do.

I work out of an office in my home town of Brightlingsea (near Colchester on the Costa del Clacton) so if you’re nearby and fancy a coffee just give me a shout.

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