About Me

Hi, I’m Mat.

What’s the vision for MBCG? To become a go-to place for agencies, OOH specialists and clients to come to if they are thinking about targeting younger men or older adults.

My story is pretty simple in that I have worked in advertising sales and running advertising teams and businesses since leaving school in the mid-nineties, I have been lucky enough to work some amazing media firms and with even better people, and I like to think that I have picked up a few things along the way that help me match advertisers to audiences at relevant times to those audiences’ lives. That’s what I try to do anyway.

I know it’s a bit weird, but I have a personal charter that I operate by that helps me choose which media networks I work with – you’d be surprised how many people get in touch each week asking me to sell on their network – but for me as a small business, albeit with some high profile networks, it’s all about long-term sustainability so I have to choose networks and people that I 100% trust.

I’m lucky enough to own a couple of the networks myself, and what I try to do with that is use it to remove a cost objection from advertisers and agencies – if it only has to pay for me then I can be cheaper than a larger media firm with bigger bills to pay and shareholders to reward.

I work out of an office in my home town of Brightlingsea (near Colchester) so if you’re nearby and fancy a coffee just give me a shout, alternatively I am tend to be in London visiting clients and agencies every Thursday and some Mondays.