Bus Stops

Bus stops have been used for advertising for years, but it’s only ever really been on posters and more recently pure-play digital advertising screens that only show messages from brands, meaning low engagement from people who aren’t waiting at the bus stop to look at and ad – they are there to catch a bus.

They’ve got better things to do like work out when the next is…

What would be better is a network of screens that combined advertising with information on bus times and live arrival information.

If only such a network existed. Oh wait, hang on, it does, and we sell advertising on it.

We have two man formats (banners and portrait screens) that rotate advertising and live bus time information giving both local and national brands the chance to engage an older but mobile audience, with the added benefit of knowing where they live & shop (most people live within 15 minutes of the bus stops).

Towns covered include Colchester, Chelmsford, Braintree, Billericay, Southend, Basildon, Wickford.

The story

I came across this network when I was out and about in my local big town (Colchester) and assumed it was off-limits for advertising, but it turns out I was just looking at the network before the owners started running & ad’s.

I was keen to get involved because of the high dwell time, locations they have (all on the High Street or in town centres) and tight/local nature of the audiences delivered. This network fits well with the other high street options mbcg has and we’re incredibly excited about the roll out plans the owner has to expand outside of Essex.


Number of bus stops: 186

Number of screens: 200+

Monthly footfall: 1,400,000+

Monthly impressions: Over 4.2m per campaign

Frequency of views per person per visit: 3-4

Dwell time per person per visit: 5 to 15 mins

Use it if…

You want High Definition advertising – these screens are not subject to roadside animation regulations.

You want to target tight groups of local people – we know where every single panel is so therefore can make sure your ads are shown in the right places.

You want to engage people while they are out and about going about their daily life – this is a chance to get your brand on their list of things to do for the day.

Case studies/ previous advertisers

bus stop advertising essex

I know I talk a lot about the older audience in the blurb above, but Anytime Fitness use the bus stop screens in Chelmsford to target busy commuters both when they are catching their bus to the station, and also when they are exiting the station (the screens are head-on when you exit and are about a tenth of the price of the JD Decaux option inside the station)

bus stop advertising essex

When Essex Council want to engage locals aged 50+, what network do you think they call? Clue: it’s not Ghostbusters

bus stop advertising essex

We even have screens in the bus stations, this one is the hugely busy bus station adjacent to the train station in Chelmsford

bus stop advertising essex

Colchester United use the portrait screens to advertise their non-football events to local people

bus stop advertising essex

This is the kind of bus time information that is shown on both the portrait and banner screens in rotation with the advertising content

Technical specs & media pack

Contact Mat on 01206 688057 or mc@mbcg.media for the tech specs for this network.

Coverage map

Whether it is a single screen on one High Street through to a national campaign, check out the site map below:

Available opportunities

1. Long-term partnerships

2. Late-night/weekend campaigns targeting people on their nights out

3. Specific packs of screens to ensure complete coverage at lower costs


For packs of 13 to 26 screens, expect to pay £130 to £260 per week.

If you haven’t got content I provide a design service for just £100+vat.

All campaigns include photography and playout report as standard.