Post Offices

There’s a stalwart on the British High Street that is simply never going to go away: the Post Office. Yes, the Post Office has changed over the years through moving to a franchised model with smaller branches, but it remains the front office of the government for most people in the UK, especially those aged over 50/60.

Every town has to have a branch, so the network is secure for the long term, and there are thousands of them across the county.

We have large 55″ digital HD advertising screens in the queue area or behind the counter of over 50 of them giving advertisers access to an older audience able to afford impulse purchases who are usually there to conduct a transaction and on the High Street – meaning they are more likely to be able to make another purchase either there on the High Street or via the mobile phone in their pocket.

The story

I used to run the sales team on the company who previously owned this network. When that business was sold I moved on to other things in sports media, but a couple of years later started working with the new owners of the post office network selling campaigns on an ad-hoc basis.

Between us we have developed and built to give us a place to put all of the insight and information we have on the network in one place, and now this Post Office network forms a significant part of mbcg’s offering to advertisers, especially those who want to get in front of older people.


Number of venues: 50+

Number of screens: 50+ (one per venue)

Monthly footfall: 650,000+

Monthly impressions: Over 6.3m per 1 in 6 campaign

Frequency of views per person per visit: 8+

Dwell time per person per visit: +/- 7.5 mins

Use it if…

You want full motion High Definition animated advertising.

You want to target older adults – over half our audience is aged over 50.

You want some contextual relevance to your advertising; we know the audience is local as people just go to their closest branch usually, we also know the main reasons they are there (to pay a bill, to pick up a form, or to conduct a banking transaction now the Post Office lets you do your banking from their counter).

Case studies/ previous advertisers

(Right click video or image and ‘save as’ to save on your computer)

CBS Reality and their partner TV channels have used the screens for the past three years or so running up to five ad’s at any one time

octopus energy post office advertising (2)

Octopus Energy use the network to engage people in the queue there to pay an energy bill

Leger want to target people aged over 50 for their holiday business, and have up to three stunning video ads running on the network at any one time

Although the percentage of people in the queue to collect benefits is small at under 5%, it was still the best place in Out Of Home for the Government to communicate the roll out of Universal Credit

The Met Office wanted to get their new app in front of people in the queue for the Bureau de Change services at all of our Post Offices – we were able to upweight the campaign at the times of day that these services are most used (weekday lunchtimes and weekends)

Technical specs

Click the image above to see the specs in full and download as a PDF.

Coverage map

Whether it is a single screen on one High Street through to a national campaign, check out our site map below:

Available opportunities

1. Long-term category exclusive partnerships

2. One week campaigns

3. Dayparts or weekday-only packages available


For individual venues, expect to pay £200 per fortnight for a standard 1 in 6 share of voice.

For national campaigns +/- £10k for a fortnight, again for a standard 1 in 6 share of voice (other frequencies are available should you wish to spend more or less than this figure).

If you haven’t got content we can provide a design service for just £200+vat.