mbcg specialises in delivering two very different audiences: people at (or post) retirement age, and men interested in sport.

We know that these are not the audience groups that many think of when planning an Out Of Home (OOH) campaign, or why people buy OOH, so we know that we’re not right for the vast majority of media schedules out there.

‘We know we’re not right for most campaigns in OOH’; I bet you didn’t expect to hear that on a ‘why should you use us’ page on a media owners website! It’s like we don’t want your money isn’t it.

Well we definitely do, it’s just that I know what our networks are good at, and what they are not good at – and that comes from both contextual setting of where and when the posters and screens are seen, and by who (and why they are there).

Thinking about where our posters and screens are, it’s relatively easy for us to either work out or make logical assumptions about why the audience is there, and therefore what they may be getting up to both then and immediately after seeing your advertising. That is what makes the mbcg networks slightly different from most in OOH.

Have a look at our top-line demographic data below (source: TGI) and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or more detailed audience insight requirements (click the circle next to each network name to expand/zoom):

Basic demographics:

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