If you are a brand, product or service that targets people of retirement age in the UK, then mbcg can offer you something which is hard to find in Out Of Home (OOH): media options with audiences made of primarily retired people. Yes, you may be able to buy more of them overall in other kinds of OOH, but if your target audience is people aged 60+ you’re wasting over two thirds of your money (at least) as you’re paying for everyone else seeing the posters/screens.

With mbcg, with the much more targeted nature of the audience, you’re paying for much less wastage.

I’m not saying you should use our post office network instead of JC Decaux or Global, just that if you are using those big broadcast-type media owners to target Over 50s/60s, then a comparatively tiny extra investment with us results in a relatively big incremental audience of the perfect type of people for your campaign.

The obvious network for delivering this audience is our post office advertising screen network, you can see more on this here.

On top of that we also have our golf club and bus stop networks, both very good at delivering these audiences – with the golf club network offering an incredibly time rich and cash rich group of older men – with advertising screens at the very heart of the exclusive environment they pay to be a member of.

post office advertising screen

Post Offices are great for targeting Over 50s and Over 60s, over half of the 250,000 people a week who see our screens are aged 60+

The golf club network may be small, but it’s incredibly well-formed with a very affluent older audience, with not just time of their hands, but cash also

bus stop advertising screen over 50s

The bus stop network is great for targeting an older audience while they are out and about, especially during weekday office hours

Why should I target Over 50s?

I’ve worked in Over 50s marketing for a fair few years now, and over that time have build up a list of relevant articles and quotes that help answer this very question:

“Stop defining over-50s by age alone or risk long-term brand decay” Marketing Week article

“our most economically powerful generation is one that is largely ignored by advertisers.” James Burrows, High50

“for many, becoming 50 is the start of the better half of their lives.” James Burrows, High50

“Research shows the older generation considers themselves excluded from most brand communication with only 4% over the age of 50 feeling advertising is aimed at them.” Research Live article

“The study from 50-plus community, High50 in partnership with Research Now, found only 11% of respondents feel brands are interested in them and one in five feels ignored by marketing.” Research Live article

“There are also now more people in the UK aged over 60 than there are under 18s, according to the latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).” Marketing Week article

“Brands should celebrate [older consumers] because from a strict marketing perspective they are a highly valuable audience.”
Hugh Pile, CMO at L’Oréal on above article

“One 84 year-old told Saga they didn’t feel nearly old enough for Saga’s products yet.” Saga CMO Matt Atkinson

“Businesses like B&Q have been quick to realise the commercial potential of the dramatic increase in DIY behaviour when people retire and have responded with relevant product innovations and a comforting in-store experience recruiting sales staff in their fifties to advise customers.” The Unstoppables article

“It’s called 40+ to attract 50-year-olds. People don’t like to think of themselves as old,” David Trovell, an associate director at MediaCom, says.” Shades of Grey article on Campaign

“Relationship marketing is often key to marketing strategies targeting the over-50s, aiming to create a sense of community and build brand loyalty,” Charles Ilsley at Thomson Intermedia (now Ebiquity)

“95% of Europe’s ad campaigns in 2001 were aimed at the under-50s.” Senioragency.

“The over 50s contribute £300 billion to the UK economy and the growth in spending among this demographic is higher than in any other.” The Daily Telegraph

“The majority of over-55s are property owners, who have paid off their mortgage, have largely weathered the downturn much better than younger generations.” The Daily Telegraph

“Sixty five per cent of all new cars are bought by those over the age of 50, half of all the cosmetics are bought by the over 50s.” The Daily Telegraph

“one in eight of finishers at this year’s London Marathon was 50 or over.” The Daily Telegraph

“The fact is we are an ageing society. But that’s not the thing – the older demographic controls the world. It is becoming apparent to so many companies, because 80 per cent of the UK’s wealth is held by the over-50s.” Kevin Lavery, Mature Marketing Association in The Daily Telegraph