Advertising bingo sites in post offices

Advertise online bingo to an audience deprived of their usual weekly trip to the bingo hall

As you may know, we have a network of big HD 55-inch portrait screens in post offices (75% of which are also convenience stores) that are classed as providing essential services to the public (so are allowed to stay open for the duration of the coronavirus crisis).

Why are they allowed to stay open, and why are they still busy? Simply because the audience uses post offices not so much to post things, but to pay for things and withdraw cash – they don’t tend to ‘do’ direct debits and prefer to use the post office counter to withdraw cash instead of the local ATM.

You can see more about the screens and shops here and our audience here.

In an average week more than 275k adults see our screens, but as you would expect we do have some post offices that have closed due to staff shortages etc. leaving us with 80 venues and an estimated weekly footfall of 160k.

Our usual audience is made up of older than average women, and we think there is an opportunity for bingo brands to target this audience who love to go to the bingo in person, but can’t right now for obvious reasons.

How do we know they usually play bingo? TGI research tells us the audience indexes at:

I have gambled in the last year: 119

I have visited a bingo hall regularly in the last year: 167

I have visited a bingo website in the last year: 135

I am interested in reading about bingo: 113

Source: TGI
Click image above to download our one-pager

Here are some examples of the screens so you can see what we’re on about – as you can see our screens not only serve post offices, but convenience stores, too (over 75% of our post offices are also convenience stores/CTNs):

And here’s a document we’ve got together explaining the opportunity: click here to view/download.

We can get campaigns live within a couple of hours of receiving artwork (which can be full motion, so perfect for trailers etc.).

We’re also able to get campaigns down more or less instantly should you need us to.

If you think it could be useful please get in touch with Mat on the contact details below.