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We started out selling advertising space on other people’s screens, but then moved in to managing other people’s networks, and now tend to focus on building & managing our own networks.

All of the screens we own are screens indoors in places like post offices, bookshops and sports clubs & pubs. Here are a few pics of them, and depending on the size of the screen and configuration needed costs range from £250 to £500 for these kinds of installations:

We supply and install various sizes and types of screens from small tablets outside meeting rooms to tell people whether the room is in use through to large externally facing window screens. In fact we’ve worked on a great project recently where we installed more than twenty screens in a large local theatre (Colchester’s Mercury Theatre) which saw us us four different types of screens in various areas of the building, all doing slightly different things from wayfinding to grabbing the attention of passers by to portable emergency signage. Here, have a look at some of them in action:

That particular project involved using different CMS, custom-build brackets, high brightness external facing screens, securely mounted tablets, but the result to the layperson walking past is that everything works together with a similar look and feel. Costs for these kinds of screens range from £200 through to £3,000.

We have also started advising people who have existing screens on how to bring them up to date without breaking the bank using the CMS we’ve developed, and also have even worked on a project where a golf club has posted their screens to us for us to configure with a CMS system, get it all working and then courier back down to them on the south coast for installation. We’re then on-hand to offer help and advice on managing the screen and/or content.

In time we’ll start offering free how-to guides and things like that, along with reviews of different CMS and screen types and guides as to what each is good for to help people inform themselves about digital signage.

But for now if you are thinking of placing digital signage in your venue and want a free no obligation chat over email, phone or video call, feel free to get in touch. The single most important thing for you to know though is what you actually want to get out of the screens – without knowing what your goals are for it there’s not much that we can recommend, and it’s easy to spend too much on this kind of thing when in fact with a little forward thinking you can have something that does exactly what you want for a fraction of the cost.

Anyway, here are a few more photos, just because we like showing off…

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