Learn all about our media packages engaging Home Nations football fans during this summer’s Euro2020 tournament.

“It’s coming home, it’s coming home, football’s coming home…”

Isn’t it?

I don’t know, but now I am thinking of that awesome summer of 1996 and Paul Gascoigne and that ridiculous goal against Scotland and how if he’d only had extra long studs on we’d have reached the final and probably won the trophy versus Czech Republic at a packed (and old) Wembley.

And breathe…

Back to reality…

So this year sees football coming home with the UEFA European Championships being held with England and Wales definitely there, and maybe Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland taking part as well (depending on playoff results). And the ‘there’ is interesting also, as it’s both a home and away tournament for the home nations with Dublin, Glasgow and London all hosting matches as part of the Europe-wide hosting model being tried this tournament.

So it should result in football-fever sweeping the country across the start of the summer (the tournament runs from the 12th June through to the 12th July).

As the tournament is broadcast on BBC & ITV, our new pub screen network is pretty well placed to give advertisers wanting to engage football fans during the tournament, especially when they are in the pub to watch the game.

But that’s only 25 pubs. A great audience, but not exactly broadcast in scale.

However, when we started to think about our other male-targeted networks, the penny started to drop with regards to what we could build for advertisers who want something a bit bigger.

What we have ended up with is the imaginatively entitled ‘mbcg Euro2020 advertising package’. Whoever said creativity was dead doesn’t know the half of it…

What is it?

It’s best explained by this one-pager summarising everything (you can click it to open it in a new tab as a PDF).

If you want a bit more detail, then click to download this deck on the opportunity:

As you can see we’ve included space on our:

PUB AND GOLF SCREENS to target fans as they are watching the games (and of course while they are in the golf clubs, pubs and bars to do non-football stuff).

FOOTBALL CHANGING ROOMS giving you access to people 100% guaranteed to be interested in the game (and therefore more likely to watch the games).

CRICKET CHANGING ROOM NETWORK to target people guaranteed to be interested in sport (as they are there to participate in a sport) and more likely to watch the football after their game and at other times during the week.

We have four packages to offer, and across the 179 individual advertising sites each one gets, we deliver nearly 500,000 men across the five week packages we’re selling (giving advertisers the week before kick-off through to the final).

In terms of impressions we’re looking at over 3.7m each package.

(These numbers are conservative as they are based on a ‘usual’ month, not a month where the venues are likely to be busier than average.)

I don’t think there is another opportunity like this on the market right now, and if there is, I haven’t seen it.

Here’s a map showing the locations that make up the offering:

Please note our pub network locations are due to be finalised in the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to chat about how to get involved with this unique Euro2020 package, please give Mat a call on 07469 920470.