For Venues

We started out selling advertising space on other people’s screens, but since developing our own screen/digital signage system for our network of screens inside pubs we’re able to offer similar systems at what must be the lowest cost in the UK for comparable set-ups.

Here are some of our screens in action:

Options like the above start from as little as £285 for a full HD video screen set up that you can update yourself with content you make – the only other thing you need to pay for is power (about 7p per day for the set ups above). If you don’t want to own the screen then we’re able to offer a monthly rental option, as well as financing/rent-to-buy options to help you spread the costs.

For £50 per month we can take care of making all your ad’s and getting them on the screen remotely making sure they play at the right time in the way you want. We can even provide a 4G data connection as well (from £7.50 per month) if you haven’t got a reliable WiFi connection for the screen to use.

We also have zero-cost options, where we use advertising revenue to fund the screens and our content creation & management service (you’ll be asked to cover the cost of electricity).

If you are interested in discussing any of the above please get in touch via the contact details below.