Free screens for shops & sports clubs

We’re building a few advertising-funded screen networks and are always on the lookout for new venues. At the moment we’re working on building up the number of post offices, independent bookshops and sports clubhouses that to host one or more of our screens. The model is the same for each network:

  • A free screen for your shop or club
  • 50% of the airtime (minimum., guaranteed)
  • No contract (if you don’t like it we’ll take it back)
  • We design all of your advertising and manage everything for you (you just tell us what you want on there)
  • Unlimited changes to your advertising and unlimited number of advertisements

The only cost to you is electricity, which comes in at about 1p-2p per day with our new efficient Samsung screens, and the only other thing we need is for the screen to be allowed to connect to your WiFi (so we can control everything over the Cloud via our CMS).

Watch the video below to see an example in action in our office:

And here are some photos of the screens out in the wild…

So if you are a post office (no matter how big or small), a sports club (preferably football or cricket but we’ll look at other sports as well) or an independent bookshop, please click the relevant link below (or get in touch with me via the details at the bottom of the page) to find out more.

We think the free screens are great for shops and clubhouse bars that want to increase basket size – place them behind your till to advertise offers elsewhere in your shop to get people spending more in that visit there and then, or perhaps if you’ve got other businesses or services on site, remind your customers of them. You are in control of what plays on the screen – we fund everything by selling advertising to chosen partners on up to 50% of the screen time.

You get the chance to reject any advertising we place on our share of the screen time, but hopefully you won’t need to because we’re not going to be placing any competing products on your screen. For example, we do a lot of work with Pharmacy2U but would obviously never place them on a screen we have in a pharmacy.

Take a look at our leaflet below for some more information (click images to download):

If you would like one of our units, and our services to make you advertising for you (it’s all free as a thank you for letting us place our screen in your shop), please get in touch with Matthew on 01206 688 057 or email him on or complete this online form – and don’t worry if you’re based a way away from us down here on the East Coast, we’ve pioneered a self-install screen system which means we can pre-configure everything and then courier the screen to you. All you have to do is take it out of the box, put it in position on its included stand and plug it in to the power socket.


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