Let’s use post office (and takeaway) screens to spread positivity

With the owner of our post office screen network (Urban Digital Networks), we want to spread messages of positivity & hope around the country while at the same time giving kids at home something to do as part of their art lessons. (We’re also going to include airtime on our screen in Mac’s Plaice Fish and Chip shop in our local town Brightlingsea.)

The idea came to us when my daughter made one of the rainbow posters (below) that are being put up in windows across the country. But she wasn’t happy with just a front window and wanted a bigger audience, so asked if it could go on any of our screens.

Lily’s lovely poster.

We think it’s a great idea so are opening the network up to parents and kids who want to get their messages of positivity in front of the people in the post office queue in these difficult times.

If you want to get your child’s effort up on our screens, simply take a photo of it and email it to Mat at mc@mbcg.media and put ‘Positivity’ in the subject field. I can then pop it in to a template like the below and we can schedule it to go live on the screens the following day.

What Lily’s effort looks like in the post office template.
Lily’s design will end up looking like these mock ups above and below.

The designs don’t have to be of rainbows to get featured, they can be of anything you like as long as they convey a positive message to the people standing in the queue at their local post office. 75% of the post offices that host screens are also convenience stores/CTNs so the designs should be seen by way more than the 1.2m people a month who use the post office part of the venues.

If it helps get the creative juices flowing, you can find out more about the network here and the audience here.

Please remember to include a name, age and location if you want them included.

We’ll put as many of the designs on as many of the screens as possible and will put up as many photos of the designs in action on our social media accounts. If you have any questions at all please drop Mat a note on mc@mbcg.media.

Here are some of the submissions we’ve had so far: