Convenience stores

This particular network was never meant to be a convenience store network, and if it looks similar to the post office ad screen network that’s because it’s the same screens.

Thanks to the fact that the post offices that form the post office screen network are also convenience stores, you can see how this network came about.

All of the post office screens are placed at the rear of the stores, where the post office counters are located, which means that the audience has to walk past the products stocked in the convenience store on the way out from the post office section of the building, making it perfect for anything stocked in CTNs/mini-markets.

The story

When I was working on the network for the previous owner, we realised that most of the screens (over 75% of them) are not just in post offices, but are also in convenience stores.

We weren’t able to do much with it at the time, but now with the new owners of the network we’re able to offer reduced rates on the 75% of the screens which are in CTNs/mini markets.


Number of venues: 100+

Number of screens: 100+ (one per venue)

Monthly footfall: 1,100,000+

Monthly impressions: Over 4m per 1 in 6 campaign

Frequency of views per person per visit: 4+

Dwell time per person per visit: +/- 10 mins

Use it if…

You want full motion High Definition animated advertising.

You are a brand stocked in CTNs/convenience stores/mini-markets wanting to target shoppers in the store.

You are using Global’s 6 Sheet Convenience store network and want to add some digital coverage in for not a lot of extra cash.

Case studies/ previous advertisers

Convenience store advertising screen

Here’s a shot of one our long-term post office advertising partners who get the convenience store element for free (our post office audience numbers don’t include convenience store traffic as we don’t know them, so it’s all lovely added value)

Convenience store advertising screen

The screens are placed in some pretty relevant locations for anything sold in convenience stores

Convenience store advertising screen

Another view of one of our post office screens perfectly fitting the bill as a convenience store screen

Convenience store advertising screen

Again, a pretty decent location for FMCG products stocked in mini-markets and CTNs

Technical specs

Click the image above to see the specs in full and download as a PDF.

Coverage map

Whether it is a single screen on one High Street through to a national campaign, check out our site map below:

Available opportunities

1. Long-term category exclusive partnerships

2. One week campaigns

3. Dayparts or weekday-only packages available


For individual venues, expect to pay £105-£150 per fortnight for a standard 1 in 6 share of voice.

For national campaigns +/- £6.5k for a fortnight, again for a standard 1 in 6 shre of voice (other frequencies are available should you wish to spend more or less than this figure).

If you haven’t got content I provide a design service for just £100+vat.

All campaigns include photography and playout report as standard.