Golf Clubhouses

The golf clubhouse is one of the the most exclusive members-only environments around in today’s Out Of Home advertising landscape.

That’s why I love having this group of digital advertising screens in golf clubhouses available as part of the overall mbcg network.

Why do I like it? Well it’s the same format that we have elsewhere, with a huge dwell time like most of the other networks we’ve got, and the older male audience complements what is delivered elsewhere (men through the football, cricket and pub networks and older people through the bus stops and post offices).

The story

This network is owned by the people who own the post office screens that you can find out more about here.

The network can be bought on its own, but is relatively small. For me, I think it sits better alongside one of the other options to give you some extra coverage.

So, if you’re targeting men you can use the golf club screens to enhance a football, pub or cricket campaign. Or if you are targeting older adults, use this to complement a post office or bus stop campaign.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific golf network, combine it with the driving to build a golf-loving-only audience.


Number of venues: 26

Number of screens: 26

Monthly footfall: 70,000+

Monthly impressions: Over 320,000

Frequency of views per person per visit: 4.5+

Dwell time per person per visit: +/- 25 mins

Use it if…

You want to target active older people, the majority of our audience (especially weekdays) if Over 50s men.

You only want to target adults – no problems with HFSS or gambling restrictions here, our posters are exclusively in the bar areas meaning an 18+ aged audience.

You want your audience to have time to soak in a message – the golf clubhouse bars have an extremely high dwell time.

Case studies/ previous advertisers

golf club advertising digital screen

AMC wanted to get their (then) new show, Fear The Walking Dead, in front of men likely to have BT TV at home – thanks to the sports loving nature of the golf audience and their propensity to have BT Sport (which comes with the rest of the BT channels), they didn’t fear booking a campaign with us

golf club advertising digital screenv

Lycamobile wanted to engage an audience likely to want to use mobile data – yes, 12gb of data was a lot in the not-too-distant past

The weather is an important part of golf, especially when planning golf holidays, and that’s the mindset the Met Office was targeting with this campaign

Technical specs

digital screen specs

Click the image above to see the specs in full and download as a PDF.

Coverage map

Whether it is a single screen at one particular club, or a national campaign, check out our site map below:

Available opportunities

1. Use different creative at weekends (with its younger audience) vs. weekdays (when the audience is older)

2. Exclusive category partnerships for golf equipment brands

3. Pre-Major partnerships to engage the boom in participation around the main golf tournaments


For individual screens, expect to pay £200 per month.

For campaigns across all 26 screens £2k-£3k for a fortnight (depending on your requirements).