Bars and Pubs

This is the newest pub advertising screen network in the country, and we think it’s got a chance to be the best as well.

As you can see the screens are big, brand new and positioned well, unlike other pub advertising screen networks you might be looking at.

All of the kit is industry leading stuff, and we have fantastic buy-in from the independent landlords that make up the network thanks to the Marketing as a Service product we offer them in return for them letting us in to their awesome pubs.

The story

An ex-colleague (Sanjay) and I were having a pint in a pub with a rubbish advertising screen in it (it was poorly positioned and couldn’t handle even the slightest bit of animation thanks to being such an old unit) and one of us said “we could do it better than that”.

Within four weeks we had a test screen in the ground in a pub in Chelmsford, Essex, and now we’re rolling out a network of 25 screens across London in time for the 2020 Euros (football), Olympics and 20/21 EPL season (and anything else people go to the pub in order to watch on TV as a group).


Number of venues: 25

Number of screens: 25

Monthly footfall: 250,000+

Monthly impressions: Over 1.5m per 1 in 6 campaign

Frequency of views per person per visit: 6+

Dwell time per person per visit: +/- 90 mins

Use it if…

You want to target men in a relevant environment at a time with little other advertising.

You are using our football/cricket networks and want more, or digital, coverage.

You want to use something which isn’t just playing ad’s – our screens are a combination of venue signage, third party advertising and relevant editorial meaning the screens are actually useful to the audience – this means higher engagement. See more at (the company Sanjay and I set up which has the network)

Case studies/ previous advertisers

pub advertising screen

The screens don’t just show advertising, they show messages from the landlords meaning they value the screen and service we provide, which in turn means better compliance from them and positioning inside the venues

pub advertising screens

They are placed close to the main TV screen in the venue which means they are always in view during major sporting events and televised football matches, again meaning higher engagement for brands

A video showing the screen at one of our pubs

Another pub, another screen, same positioning within eyeshot when watching sport on the main screen int he venue

Technical specs

Click the image above to see the specs in full and download as a PDF.

Coverage map

Check out our site map below:

Available opportunities

1. Bookmaker partnership

2. Vape partnership

3. Late night partnership plus the usual standard two-week campaigns


We want to support small businesses, so for advertisers based local to each of our venues we offer what we think must be the lowest cost digital advertising in the UK: £10 per month.

That’s right, £10 per month. No commitment on your side apart from paying £35 set up fee for the first month and then £10 per month by direct debit after that. Cancel whenever you like with immediate effect at any point simply by cancelling the direct debit.

For national advertisers, expect to pay £200 per panel per fortnight for a standard 1 in 6 share of voice.

All campaigns include photography and playout report as standard.